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Why not Viet Nam?

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"Born to be wild and Easy Rider"


Owner: Are you stylish? What’s your side of the story? Are you ready to get off the beaten track? Been to Easy Rider Trip - Private Tours? Share your experiences now!

Well-known all over the world and truly born to be wild, “Dalat Easy Rider”  was named by an American journalist, who came to Dalat to check how good the tour was after they got many travelers' comments.

Some  people in Dalat became motor taxis, from the 1990s and with the foreign languages we learned before so we can take foreigner tourist going somewhere with real information about Vietnam. with a tremendously inquiring mind, we continue training & building our team to make sure that you have the best time, best experiences when you are on the tour with us.


Easy Rider basic elements in trend “Yesterday history, tomorrow mystery, today enjoy”

True to its name, slowly we have became famous but without a good web designer, we did not know how to get a successful website. But in Dalat city nowadays (the Home Land of Easy Riders in Vietnam), you just only find one Headquarters with the real name “The Original Dalat Easy Rider Team” at 70 Phan Dinh Phung St - Ward 2 - Dalat city - Viet Nam and our own famous websites. Others are not the real one with "club or freelance" suffixes. You can check these informations in some old Lonely Planet Books, Rough Guide or Le Guide Du Routard…

Over the last 20 years, “The Original Dalat Easy Rider Team”  is the only one booking agent, a brand you trust, famous in history, has a new inspiration and a reputation as a good Easy Riders. Still the leading motorcycle tour operator in Viet Nam and other services since 1992.

If you’re interested in Easy Rider Trip - Private Tours. Register now to get the truth, then go for an adventure tour of a lifetime and get a free day tour as well. We also do customize tour created by you.

Experience the generation gap: The Easy Riders are very friendly and safe drivers, traveling with the Easy Riders is the highlight of your vacation in Vietnam and simply fantastic.If you decide to go on a trip with us, you'll never forget it!  but if you like it you can also do longer tours. We are very flexible and the best thing: We’ll show you a Vietnam you have never seen before. To infinity and the beyond, you’ll get admire our country from seeing beautiful waterfalls to visiting different minority groups within the country or many different things that used to happen in your country centuries ago! Vietnam is such a beautiful country with spectacular landscapes, delicious food and the people are very friendly. It’s a unique experience! It's a total different experience to be on the back of a motorbike than in a bus. You get to see all kinds of places where other non-easy rider tour guides don't come.The places we take you are very outstanding. The best thing about the tour is getting to some beautiful areas of Vietnam - where tourists don't usually go. Doing that allowed you to meet the locals who are very friendly and nice to you. It is such an incredible experience, and we would recommend it to anyone! It seems so far away from the mass tourism. You should definitely do this and you will not be disappointed.

The trip is very well organised, informative, fun, interesting, varied, handling, miscellaneous fees and surcharges. When you book with one of our colleagues, please be sure to check their site for a full disclosure of all applicable fees as required by The Original Dalat Easy Rider Team. Tour programs and services are generally quoted per person in USD unless otherwise noted. The daily rental includes also fuel, road tolls, visiting tickets, service of the local English speaking guide and accommodation in nice and clean hotels, you can’t say you don’t like it, until you’ve tried “ You get what you pay for! “ so you don't need to care about essential things at all.

For your convenience, we calculate an average price for each traveller, which is based on the rates of available tours obtained from our booking partners. For any travel packages or deals listed, The Original Dalat Easy Rider Team does not guarantee any specific rates or prices. In addition, average tour prices are updated daily and displayed in our preferred currency using prevailing conversion rates. Since these converted prices are estimates, please check with the booking site for the exact amount and currency.

If you have something to keep secure or if you are thinking of a trip to the Central Highlands, Mekong Delta or want to experience real Vietnamese life then The Original Dalat Easy Rider is a best choice for the trip and can be found at 70 Phan dinh phung St - Ward 2 - Da Lat city - Viet Nam or reached at vndalateasyriders@yahoo.com

A word of caution: Ever click a link to a Web site and discover that while it looks like your banking site, or Facebook, the URL didn't match your expectations? That's called phishing. phishing attacks are on the rise, so stopping those attacks from reaching you has become the focus of the upcoming website update & upgrade to cut phisher lines before they hook you! Also this week, we have the latest updates to our new website.

Lately more and more businesses open in Dalat city under the name Easy Riders. They are not belong to our organization, and we do not have any responsibilities for anyone who book the tour with Non-Easy Riders or Copycats. Please be aware that there are lots of immitators calling themselves Easy Riders. Furthermore, please pay attention that all The Original Dalat Easy Riders now using big new generation motorbikes and have to wear uniform (blue and black jacket with logo and web address on the uniform) so look for the Easy Rider jackets and or go straight to our headquarters. Your trust means the world to us!

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Finally, special thanks to travellers, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Le Guide Du Routard and all other travel magazines who accompanied & made us impeccable! And for their support & tolerance during the journey with us.


Have a good journey!